Review: Smash Burger

26 Dec


This week we were invited to check out the 3rd branch of Smash Burger opening in Al Mahboula (on the other side of Spoons). I have always wanted to try their burgers (get smashed) but I never had the chance before. I’m just glad that I did this time!

We arrived right on time, the place looked really good, and they had a nice seating area outside, which was perfect for this weather. We were warmly welcomed by the team behind Smash burger and taken inside for a sneak peak.

Picture 111

What I noticed is that everyone was all smiley and happy, and it felt genuine (which we don’t see much often around here anymore). Even the guys who are behind preparing the order back in the kitchen were all smiley and happy to see us.

Picture 082

Picture 087

Picture 105

Picture 136

Picture 077

Picture 138

Picture 080

We even got the chance to get inside the kitchen and see how the proper smash burger gets SMASHED! I never really knew that’s what they meant by it :P But it was actually cool.

Picture 093

Picture 101

Our order was probably enough for 6 people (thanks guys for being generous) and consisted of the following:

Our own burger creation (it had beef, double cheese, mushroom, onion, bacon, avocado, and an amazing sauce that I can’t remember)

Picture 123

I wasn’t very hungry but I was VERY happy to finish it. It was really juicy (which I love), the bun did not break or anything (which they bring all the way from the States), the bacon maybe a little bit dry but that’s ok cuz I simply LOVE bacon. The burger might look abit greasy, but to me it didn’t taste greasy at all.

As for the fries, we tried the regular fries, chili cheese fries and the smash fries (which has rosemary, olive oil and garlic). Am an original fries lover so I would vote for the original.

Picture 127

Picture 130

Picture 134

We also tried the fried pickles (I know this might sound weird to some if you haven’t tried it before, but it just taste like pickles!) which were good and not oily. Fried jalapenos and the sweet potatoes fries. What did I think? I would go for the fried pickles again.  As for the hotdog, well hotdog is hotdog I guess :P

Picture 128

I have always wondered how can someone eat a burger and have a milkshake with it. Well the wondering stopped that day when I took a leap of faith and tried it, not bad…not bad at all!!!!

We tried 2 kinds of milkshakes, one of them had Oreo, the other probably vanilla if am not mistaken.

Picture 121

After that huge meal, we were happy to sit with the team behind Smash Burger to chit chat. We got to know a little bit about Smash Burger history and what’s their future plan. I was surprised to know that it’s the first Smash Burger to open outside the US! They have over 200 stores in the US and 3 already in Kuwait. Don’t worry guys if you think the place is far from your house, it will be very close to you before you know it!

A big thank you to the CEO Khalid Hajjar, Jillian & Sophie For being sweet and helpful. We shall visit again :)

Picture 143

Picture 141

To know more about Smash Burger, checkout their Facebook Page, Instagram & Twitter.


2 Responses to “Review: Smash Burger”

  1. m7mdghazi December 26, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    looks so yummy and I so love burgers ..
    gonna try it in the weekend inshalla


    • Moody January 4, 2013 at 10:08 pm #

      you definitely should, and let us know how it goes :)


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