How Safe Are We?

4 Jan


As you all have probably heard about the devastating murder that happened last month at the Avenues mall (Read about it HERE) and how everyone was shocked of how things went. The most important question that everyone was asking is: how come? how is it even possible? is killing someone is that easy? And of course us being only human beings, we got scared! and everyone started thinking of how can someone protect themselves in such situations.

We read about crimes in the newspaper EVERYDAY! whether it’s stabbing, stealing or hitting, but we kinda got to used to these stories that we chose to ignore and not read in the first place. Until it really happens in front of you like what happened in the Avenues, or to someone close to you, then it gets really serious.

A relative of mine was out on new years eve, came back that night to find that someone broke into his house and robbed it. Thank god who ever that bastard is, he only went for the cash and it wasnt much. but the idea of someone breaking into your house that easily is scary enough. I never really thought that someone might break into my room, so imagine the house!

I have always considered Kuwait as a very safe country and Al hamdullilah nothing scary ever happened to me, but you cant help but wonder and think “what if”. I mean, me being a girl who goes out alone sometimes, I drive alone, I might be somewhere shopping alone, how safe can I be? and if am not, how can I be safer? I came across this article showing that the crime rate in Kuwait increased in the past 2 years (read HERE), which made me think harder about the situation.

I don’t consider myself as a girl who would freak out and not do anything if someone tried to attack me. But ive never been in such situation so I would never know right? but if you are a girl like me, what would you do? do you usually carry things that would help you protect yourself? please share your thoughts with us!

Stay safe all..


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