kuwait: top ten things i noticed on my trip

7 Jan

so i was in kuwait a week and a bit ago!!! and i had an amazing time as usual!!!!! i really love my friendssss!!!!!!

but this trip – i noticed a lot of things, relating to just about everything ;p


  1. the new cars are newer ;p but the old cars are pieces of junk!!!! i’ve seen the oldest, crappiest, barely moving cars that i have ever seen in my life!!! at a traffic light – the can was going so slow that the signal was green but it could just have been as easily red! like seriously!!!!! ¬†that’s crazyyy!!!!!! ;p
  2. skirts are getting shorter – not complaining ;p
  3. clothes are getting tighter – on men and women!
  4. malls and restaurants are getting even busier!!!! i didn’t know if this was possible!! but at around 3 pm on a saturday – no parking in marina mall!!! and no seating at chocolate bar at 1 pm on the wednesday!! how the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. very few people have blackberry phones ;p and if they do! they get fun made of (i.e. me) ;p
  6. it has been raining loads – this never used to happen that much before!!!!
  7. all the twelve year olds dress like thy are 25!!!!!!!
  8. there are a lot more activities – including sports and courses! i.e yoga classes at loyac + kwti cooking courses
  9. the thin are getting thinner and the fat are getting fatter!!
  10. friends always stay the same! :D

One Response to “kuwait: top ten things i noticed on my trip”

  1. Bob February 22, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    hey, the pic in this topic not from Kuwait.


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