the power of music & mix-tapes or playlists

14 Jan


i was having a discussion with a few friends a couple of weeks ago, regarding the traditional mix-tapes and cds, or nowadays, playlists, that friends or significant others make for one another – and their value to that person and whether there is any benefit or if it is really stupid!!!

there was varying opinions, one of the guys said they made him want to shoot himself…

some people thought it was a bit of fun…

i personally find that music is not just fun.. i believe that music helps you feel, relive memories, identify with lyrics – a playlist of mix-tape is more about telling somebody what you are thinking or feeling – not just a bit of fun… my best friend would receive a playlist of uplifting happy, party music – because when i am with her – we can sit in silence or be giggling like crazy – but we’re usually happy :)

Johnny Depp: “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” 

I really do believe he is on to to something…

what are your thoughts?


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