One of those Days: The Past & The Present

30 Jan


It’s weird how people complain whenever they have something that’s bothering them, and once its over, they stop appreciating how good it feels not having that thing that gives them a headache. Sadly, I can be one of those people sometimes, but it hits me every now and then and I start appreciating more. But you know, it bugs me how I don’t talk about it enough or acknowledge it anymore. This is way am writing this post, to show my appreciation in something that used to bug the hell out of me, which is all you know by now…WORK!

This whole blog started because me and Cheeky were bitching the whole time about work, and it was definitely a great get away for both of us, it made us laugh and be more connected, It was Cheeky’s idea and ill always love her for that..and many other things :P

When i look back and remember how awful I used to feel about my job, how much I used to hate my boss, how bad no one gave a shit, and how much I felt unappreciated! I used to talk to my best friends about it and complain and complain. I used to do everything I could possibly do to improve the situation, but every time I get pushed away and back to point zero. Life felt so unfair at that time, and it hurt my feelings a lot, it made me feel angry towards some people, feelings that I have never felt before, except for those people.

But right now, I don’t complain about work at all, because simply I don’t have anything to complain about! Al7amdilla my boss is awesome, work is not too crazy but definitely way more enjoyable. I feel comfortable around people and happy in my office. and best of all, I feel appreciated, and that what matters.

I can’t deny the fact that I miss my buddies at my old job, they were the best people to talk to even when you are all bitching about work, cuz we all knew how bad it was. I also miss the gossiping and the rumors that people used to pass around. I didn’t get to make good friends at my new job yet, but ill always remember my old buddies :D

That’s it, I just felt like letting this out, in a way or another to show how much I appreciate the opportunity that I got and everything that I have now. If you are going through what I went through, ill tell you this “good things happen to those who wait”, my best friend used to tell me this and I kept laughing about it until it did happen. Just don’t give up!


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