Is Flo Rida the new Timbaland?

1 Feb


I was thinking the other day of how we hear Flo Rida in every song these days! Its crazy!! he’s literally in every song on the radio! Dont get me wrong, I think he’s music is awesome, some are annoying yes, but the majority is great. Which somehow reminded me of Timbaland and made me wonder where the hell is he??? For a very long time Timbaland was all over the radio too, whether it’s a solo song or featuring one of  the top singers at that time. I personally LOVE Timbaland’s style of music and want to hear more of him. Is it me or he seriously disappeared?

So when I googled them both, I came to know that they once had a single together back in 2008 called “Elevator”. I think it’s a cool song, sadly I couldn’t link the original video cuz it wasnt on Youtube. Did you know about it? What do you think? Will Flo Rida be as good as Timbaland? Maybe Cheeky should do a “Whose Hotter” post for both of them :P


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