i conquered Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka

11 Feb


on our travels to Sri Lanka – my best friend (roo roo) and i decided to challenge ourselves by climbing Adam’s Peak..

now before i tell you about the mountain itself – i would like to tell you about my mindset when i decided i would climb this mountain (which in my head was a hill and people were just going on about it more) i had not read much about it – so i went into this journey with a very ‘whatever, i can do it’ kind of view…

we started our climb around 2am – we had stayed at the bungalow where i had gotten less than an hour and a half of sleep and roo roo had gotten about 3-4 hours of broken sleep.. suffice to say we had migraines and were in foul moods!

we reached the base of the mountain – and the steps were not so steep – there was a lot of periods where we could just walk slightly uphill… and we saw a reclining buddha – we were taking photos, we imagined it would be tough but we would be able to do it…

all i remember – is seeing an archway – through which we crossed and saw the lighting all the way to the top of the mountain – showing us how much further we would have to climb – at that point roo roo and i burst into hysterics… and it was at this point i realised that i hadn’t properly realised the challenge that was before us…

nothing will ever compare to the five minutes of panicked hysteria – but we started our climb – taking short breaks and stopping for small bites of chocolate to keep us going… it is all steps! all super steep steps! and you just have to keep going!!!!!

at one point – after having climbed for what seemed like an eternity – i remember asking people how much further to the top, and we kept getting different answers… i was just desperate to know.. i remember at one point – someone told us 400 more steps – i would literally count 50 or 75 steps which i hate to take before i stopped for a breather…

roo roo and i managed to keep the same pace and somehow – made it to the top.. the climb towards the end was so steep that they had made railings and we had to grab on to the railing and pull our body weight up..

making it to the top was one of the biggest sense of achievements – we watched the sun rise and it was absolutely beautiful! we had completed a trek 7km of steeeeepp stairs – and made it up to the peak in about 3 hours and 20 minutes!

no words will ever be able to describe the feeling on that trip up the mountain – nor the sense of elation and achievement we felt at the top… we were above the clouds and all other mountains were below us…

a few photos later – the climb down! the never ending staircase was still never ending! i can’t remember how long it took – about an hour and a half or two..

finally we were at the base! and we revived ourselves with some fresh coconut water! so yum!!!!!!!!!!

this is the biggest physical challenge that i have conquered – and i’m sure that i can say the same for roo roo!

i don’t know if i would ever do it again – i highly doubt it! but if anyone goes to sri lanka – maybe you should try it ;p

i warn you tho – roo roo and i both walked like 70 year olds for about 4 days ;p

just make sure you know what you are getting into..

more information on Adam’s peak / Sri Pada here



4 Responses to “i conquered Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka”

  1. andysalwaysright February 11, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

    WOW! That looks and sounds amazing! I looove that sort of stuff :-)
    I have to remember that for future adventures!


    • Cheeky February 12, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

      its absolutely amazing
      i would recommend training a bit in advance
      my friend and i went in completely unfit ;p


      • andysalwaysright February 12, 2013 at 6:05 pm #

        I’ve been training for 20 years, was the fitest and fastest in my platoon and finished in top 5% of Scotland during Tough Mudder :-)
        It sounds like I’m boasting, but thats bacause I am :-)

        Really looks like a must for the bucket list!
        Loving your blog :-)


        • Cheeky February 13, 2013 at 8:09 am #

          oh wow!
          then just get on down to sri lanka!
          they have lovely white water rafting too!
          this blog is almost like another home for my friend Moody and myself! ;p so your words are very kind


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