happy valentine’s day?

14 Feb


now this is a debate that has been going on for many years – whether valentine’s day is cool or sucks

i am sure everyone knows many people that love the day and many people that hate the day…

i am personally indifferent to it – i think it is a hallmark holiday and i would much rather spend the day doing what i do everyday!

i admit – it could be nice to have some fun with friends and be a little silly about it…

but i don’t see how people can blow it up into such a big day! why must you exhibit “love” on this one particular day?

but i guess we can’t argue or change how the majority feel – i am happy to be around – as long as i’m not expected to do anything ;p

any thoughts in valentine’s day? ;p

has cupid come and made u all lovey dovey? ;p




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