Sri Lanka: white water rafting

18 Feb


one of the days in sri lanka, we stopped in Kitulgala to go white water rafting!

it is incidentally the location where  The Bridge on the River Kwai was filmed!! as we were white water rafting we went were shown the bridge…

having never been white water rafting before, nor done much rafting in general (altho there was a brief stint once upon a time in highschool in Kuwait where we went to Messila Beach to compete in the raft racing competition) i was a bit nervous about what was to come..

we were on the beginners’ rapid (the name give to the intensity and difficulty of the rafting or something) – so we got there and were strapped into our life jackets! we had two guides as it was just my friend and i and we were given a quick 5 minute lesson (i may be exaggerating here – it could have been two)

the whole experience was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we didn’t have to row that much – the motion/stream of the river just carried us down and then we were given commands to hold on etc!

it was really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! initially a bit worrying but we soon got confident! our guides threw us in the water to give us the true experience ;p and kept pulling us in and throwing us out again – it was really funny! luckily we weren’t scared!

we also got to swim in the river! and had the opportunity to try to stand in the raft while going through a small rapid!! :D

it was sooo coool!!!!!!!! if you are in Sri Lanka! White Water Rafting in Kitulgala is a must try!


One Response to “Sri Lanka: white water rafting”

  1. Sir Ga-ga February 22, 2013 at 3:26 am #

    While you are there visit Kandy and Galle. They will blow you away.


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