The Long Holiday

22 Feb


As most of you already have traveled, and some of you hit the camps and shalaihs for the long holiday, I sit here and do nothing :( Everyone is extremely excited about the long holiday, and made lots of plans, but I couldn’t cuz it seems am not taking Sunday off, plus I have an event for work on Monday, so that probably killed it.

But now looking at it, what would I do if I really had the long holiday? would I travel? Ofcourse not, cuz I just hate packed airports and let’s be honest, 75% of Kuwait already traveled! Ok so what would I do then? Probably go out more, see friends, do absolutely nothing! Which is kinda the same. So maybe I shouldnt feel so bad about this after all.

So what are you guys doing? are traveling anywhere interesting? doing any fun activity around Kuwait? anything different maybe? please do share it with us, we would love to hear about it :) Have a great one all, we love you Kuwait.

Oh and if you are not from Kuwait, we are having this long holiday as a celebration of the national and independence day (25, 26 Feb).


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