Goodbye Messi

6 Mar


And before you even start thinking of it, NO he did not die. And incase you don’t know the story, Messi was my pet cat, i got him a year ago, you can read about it HERE.

Now thinking about it, I can’t believe its been a year! Look at him in that picture, he was soooo petit!! he grew up so fast, and all i can say is that he was such a fun cat. He likes to play rough, he bites playfully, he runs alot..and after things, he loves to catch flies, and obviously loves to drink tab water.

The sad part is that he grew up so fast, he became more needy, and moody, and can easily trigger my mum. I started to have allergy, and I didn’t wanna admit that it’s probably because of him and still not admitting, and my parents thought its time.

I didn’t have a say in this obviously, its their house, their rules, but I just wished I had a place where I could keep him. So it took them a week to find out about K’S PATH (cuz I acted as if I didn’t know they existed) and made their decision. They took him last week, and since then the house is very different without him. It’s just like having a baby in the house…literally.

I havent been to K’S PATH before, but i have heard some good things about them. It’s just bad that they are located in Wafra which makes it a hassle to drive all the way, but I will definitely visit soon, and help in any way its possible.

So this is my goodbye to Messi, you have been such a great pet, and will always be missed.


One Response to “Goodbye Messi”

  1. Cheeky March 10, 2013 at 11:13 am #

    poor messi
    poor you
    i know the feeling
    i love u both <3


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