Review: Ubon

7 Mar


We have been invited awhile ago to try out Ubon and we finally got the chance. I had no idea what to expect, specially that I have never had Thai food before, but I have heard some good reviews about it, so it was a bit exciting for me. The place is located in Al Jawhara Tower in Kuwait City right beside Triangle Restaurant, right on the main road, would be hard to miss. We arrived on lunch time, the staff were very welcoming and very well-educated when it came to the menu. Knowing how clueless I was, it was easy for me to pick out as everything looked absolutely delicious. We started out with the soup, salad and appetizers.


Tom Kha – The soup was absolutely amazing! all I can say is that it had so many flavours that makes your taste buds go wild! Its spicy, sweet and salty at the same time. Highly recommended. As for the salad, we had Nam Tok Salad which has slices of beef and a great sauce on the side. As for the appetizers, we had the fried Tempura and the fried Calamari. Both came with fried onion rings. What I loved about them is that they were not oily at all! that’s not easy to find. Recommended too.



For the main course, we had the Baby Corn Shrimps and the Cashew Nut Chicken. What I loved about the chicken is that it was sliced and very well cooked. It wasnt cut in squares like what usually restaurant do. Again, can’t say anything wrong about it, and maybe next time I would ask for it to be more spicy!

On the side, we had the Pink Curry Noodles which was almost like the Pink Pasta with little pieces of shrimps. Very tasty!




After all of this delicious food we thought we were done! But it wouldn’t be the perfect meal without something to drink and dessert! We were offered a wide collection of tea flavours and we went for the carrot cake. We werent wrong…at all! The carrot cake was delicious, very soft and creamy.



Whats the verdict? Would definitely visit again, loved the food, the atmosphere and the staff! Never thought I would say this, but Thai food rocked at Ubon!


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