children’s curiosity: the why game?

10 Mar

little child

my little niece, about 2 years and 6 months old now, has reached the “why” stage of her life!

so for everything – there is a chain of why questions!

why? i have no idea..

but i feel – that it is best to answer every question (giving simple, easy to understand answers) and just keep answering every question so that they don’t feel that their curiosity is wrong in some way – or bothersome to people in some way…

so the other day – i got home from work… she followed me into my room and started looking around and touching things (as usual) ;p – then she said:

her: why you got so many books
me: because i like to read them
her: why?
me: to make me more knowledgeable
her: why?
me: so i can understand more about life..
her: where u got them?
me: from a bookstore
her: cheeky, i not got any books (in reality she has a gazillion) u take me to get some books?
me: yes, i will take you this weekend, how many books shall we get?
her: 5 (that’s her favourite number at the moment) cheeky, where did you go today?
me: to work
her: why?
me: because my boss wanted me to
her: why?
me: so i can deal with the clients
her: why?
me: so we can make money for the company
her: why?
me: so i can make money to get you some books ;p
her: let’s send grandma to work – and you come to nursery with me!!!! :D

it was such a loopy conversation – and its profound… mashallah she’s soo curious and wants to know everything and be involved! and so so innocent!!!!!!!!!!

i wish somehow we could retain a child’s innocence as we grow older!!!!!!!


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