TV: Final Witness

22 Mar


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I have been always interested in those mystery shows, so whether it’s a murder solving, tressure hunt shows, or even creepy ones about ghosts and spirits! I just LOVE watching them, and what makes it even better is that if it was a documentary, more like a true story, oh now that’s more like it :D

If you were like me then you will definitely enjoy this show, it’s called Final Witness, I came across it while flipping through ABC application on my iPad and thought to give it a try. Too bad it only had around 8 episodes, but definitely worth it. Are you interested? Well, here how it goes..

The show is about a true story where someone or a bunch of people got killed. It starts with a narrator which is supposed to be the person who got killed telling the story of what happened. They use characters who look very similar to the real ones, and also interview a lot of the families or close friends of those people who died. So basically its a documentary but with a movie like scenes and story. I might not be able to explain it properly, but it’s very interesting and worth watching. Here have a look at this trailer:


You can find it on ABC application or website, or some on Youtube.


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