work blues – missing kuwait!

26 Mar


sometimes when we write blogs – we have a distinct idea of what we want to write about..

other times… we don’t – at all…

today.. i just feel to get my thoughts out there – out my head almost, even though i may not have one specific thing in mind..

its another day – sitting on my desk – tapping away at the usual.. organising thoughts and doing loads of non-essential things for my clients

does anyone else ever feel like they do a completely pointless job – its a great job in that i earn money.. that i feel i am good at my job – and that i have achieved a lot here…

but the routine, and lack of… challenge.. is sometimes off putting!

i like to feel constantly challenged and as if i am learning all the time…

what happens when you feel you are not growing as much as you should..

or you have lost the desire to sit on that same desk every day – day in and day out.. trying to make sense of a job that doesn’t excite you the way it once did..

and what do you do instead?

life is a bit of a conundrum at the moment!

conundrum – i love that word :)

would love to be back in Kuwait right about now!!!!!!!!


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