Review: Figs by Todd English

28 Mar


We were invited yesterday by Figs for their new branch opening at the Avenues (Grand Avenues). It was my first time to try out figs, and I refused to read about it and know more before I go there, just wanted to surprise myself..and sure I did :)

Its located right above Texas RoadHouse, the place isn’t huge, but sure takes agood number of people. My first impression is that I liked the decoration of the place, calm and modern atmosphere, comfortable seating and great music playing in the background. 



We had a special menu waiting for us, which i understood that had many new items and some of their best sellers on. We tried to go out of our comfort zone while picking things out of the menu, and it wasnt the wrong thing to do at all! Their dishes were different, new, and delicious. Before we started ordering, we were offered some fresh bread with black olives in olive oil. As for the drinks, we tried the Strawberry Mojito and the Apple Martini which were very refreshing. However, I would have less mint in the mojito, it’s just very annoying when it gets stuck in your straw :P


As for the appetizers, we had the Rhode Island Calamari (Very tasty, the sauce is really good and salted nicely), the Chicken Pastrami with Avocado salad (I wouldn’t say it was my favourite, I love avocado but somehow it has a lot fo garlic flavor. but the overall seasoning was great), and the Chicken Pie (now this one was awesome, it has chicken with vegetables inside which tasted really good, i would have this anytime!). Overall, great appetizers, the Calamari is highly recommended if you like fried food, the Chicken Pie for something lighter.




We were also offered by the chef a cheese pizza for appetizers. I don’t have special feelings towards pizza in general, but i would say this one was good. Not too oily, the crust was soft and the cheese was good! Maybe next time I will give their pizzas a try.


Now for the main courses, we tried the meat, the chicken, and the fish! Lets get into more details:

For the meat, we tried the Veal Tenderloin, which was cooked perfectly just like how we ordered (medium well). It comes with mashed potato, spinach and I believe some fried onion on the top. I forgot what the chicken was called but I believe it was Chicken Scallopini. Its grilled chicken also spread on mashed potatoes, asparagus and some delicious mushrooms, not sure what kind but it just tasted so good! The third is the Hamour fish, same thing with the mashed potato, topped with fried greeny stuff and great sauce. Very soft and well cooked.




We were done by that time, until the dessert menu came in and we had a look at whats on. It was a must I guess! The names and the description of each was mouth-watering, so we had to give it a try. The first one was Camp Fire S’mores and the second was the Butterscotch. I don’t think I need to say more, the name says it all, and the pictures are not even close to how good they taste. It’s just so many flavors hit you all at once! I don’t know what I liked about them, all I know is they were good…REALLY GOOD!



Final verdict? I loved the place. The food is good quality, the dessert was a killer, and the atmosphere is great! I would give it a try again soon and pick different dishes and let you know! Thank you to all the team behind Figs and special thanks to Nancy :)

You can follow them to know more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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