Cause: Eat Healthy Q8

17 Apr

obesity AD 24x30cm w5cmbleed

“EatHealthyQ8 is a first of its kind Nationwide initiative that focuses on children with the help of their parents to improve their eating habits, and to curb the growing trend of childhood obesity in Kuwait. The EatHealthyQ8 Initiative is a collaborative effort by Diet Center Kuwait with the cooperation of the Public Administration for Private Education, The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Health and the International Organization for Migration along with ARGANA Hotels and Resorts. The initiative of the initiative is to engage 10 different schools to enroll 30 children ages 11 to 14 in the EatHealthyQ8 program. The month-long program teaches children the benefits of proper eating habits and physical activities as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

This is such a great initiative that everyone should take seriously and support. I personally was one of the kids who grew up thinking that i always had to finish my plate, it didn’t make me fat, but it definitely forced me to take extra kilos here and there. Its something am working on myself and wanting to change. What about you?

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