good to be back… to an earthquake?!?!?!

17 Apr


sunday night i left london, and reached dubai early monday morning.. and straight into work..

i hadn’t been feeling too dandy – a bit fluey and a bit sore throaty… and just really drained!

monday morning – i stayed at work half the day – took a conference call from home.. and passed out from about 4pm till 8pm and then slept a short while after again!

the next morning (yesterday) it was still difficult waking up – still was feeling fluey and tired and blegh really..

at noon i left to have a root canal done at Dr. Nicholas & Asp Centre in Jumeirah 3! they have to be the best dentists that i have ever come across!!!!!!!!!!

at 2:30 i made it back to work – and lo and behold – 30 minutes later there’s an earthquake!!!!!!! our whole building swings from side to side (i thought i was just not feeling so well!!!!)

we were evacuated from the building and shortly after asked to leave the office…

i believe the earthquake was felt in a large part of the middle east and originated in iran… did you feel it?

such a waste of being back at work for 2 days!!!!! i’m just glad the dentist wasn’t working on my teeth when the building shook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today – i am feeling pretty crappy! i can’t open my mouth much – swollen face ;) and sniffles – throat ache – headache.. and just generally blegh..

and this, my friends, this is why i’m hot ;p


happy wednesday :D

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