one of those days: stressed out gums!?!?!?!

23 Apr

in teeth

i have had more anesthesia pumped into my mouth over the past 10 days than i care to elaborate..

whoever knew a root canal could be so flipping time consuming!!!!

so the root canal-ling part is done – and they are building a crown or something or the other…

i have not had bad pain in my tooth throughout the whole process… except today!!!!

it is so so painful.. apparently my gums are super stressed out…

while the tooth massacre-ist (aka dentist) is telling me this – i am thinking.. HA! you think my gums are stressed! have you not seen the rest of me! and ofcourse.. this was punctuated with a big GRRR (in my head) ;p

to be fair – the dentist is great – the service and staff at Drs Nicholas & Asp Centre has always been amazing!

pain is part and parcel of visiting a dentist i guess!


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