lost in dubai mall parking lot!

25 Apr

lost car registry

i am a level headed human being.. really.. i am..

i am not like one of those girly girls that freak out when they see a spider – and i do not drive like i’m on some kinda twisted crack! i know how to go around roundabouts, over speedbumps, and even though i like to speed – i am quite vigilant in doing so!

i even know what the off-side rule in football is!!!

i am not going off on this diatribe because i am trying to justify my manliness – although if you were to concede that i was quite manly in my behaviours i would be the opposite of offended :D

so basically! i had a super airheady moment today! where i lost my car in the dubai mall parking lot!!! i spent 50 minutes looking for it! now – this isn’t normal behaviour for me! i am usually good with parking – and usually organised! i blame my colleague that was chatting away about ridiculous stuff while we were getting out the car! she completely threw off my groove! ;p

so stupid, airheady, bimbo-ey moment over! not to be repeated!!!

i ended up being 30 minutes late for a meeting – oh well ;p

advice: make sure you know where you park your car in dubai mall!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “lost in dubai mall parking lot!”

  1. Moody April 28, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

    Leave the car, snap a picture of the parking number and you will never forget again ;)


    • Cheeky April 29, 2013 at 8:15 am #

      i do that!
      wow thanks for the help
      i told u! its the other girls’ fault ;p
      shush u!!!!
      STOP IT


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