drama @ work

1 May


its strange – my place of work has to be one of the oddest places that exist in terms of employment.. (and I mean just out department)

sometimes I feel it is some kind of soap opera with a little less “romance”

however, all other fronts make up for the drama about 3-4 fold the drama missing on the romantic front…

today we had two people almost get into a fight – a physical one… and verbal abuse was thrown around…

there was a pair of scissors also tossed at one of the guys…

i don’t know exactly what the situation was – luckily i was out of the office…

but one of the guys has been fired while the other has been sent home for a week!

i just feel that the level of professionalism in the office is ridiculous…

the guy that got fired has made inappropriate perverted comments in the past – and those comments are kinda R rated!

i don’t know what to think – i just feel bad for the family of the guy that got fired – i hope he finds a job very soon..


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