Oldies: Montell Jordan – This is How We Do It

4 May


I have a library of more than 2.000 old and new songs. Every now and then I like to delete some songs that I regret having, or actually turned annoying after a while, and while am doing that, I come across some oldies that I highly enjoy listening to! Today it was this song!

The 90s song had a huge impact on me, I was so into music back then, I used to listen to the radio all the time, record new songs, write lyrics and could spend hours just doing that and never get bored!! Buying a new cassette used to get me very happy that you have no idea.

What surprises me is that almost 90% of those songs got stuck in my head till this day! I mean I still remember most of the lyrics and whenever I hear them I start remembering the times where I used to hear those songs! isn’t it weird? we barely remember what we had for lunch yesterday and still we remember lyrics of some old songs!

Enjoy the music :) hit me back with some forgotten 90s music that you remember.


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