topsy turvy world?

7 May


what i find really strange is that the balance of the world seems to be have tipped in the past couple of months..

everything seems to be going a bit crazy.. around the world and in my life too… i don’t know if everyone else feels the same…

there have been earthquakes around the world..

bombs – including boston, iraq, pakistan

other sorts of disasters: bangladesh collapse of factory building, mexico gas tanker blast

even the price of gold has been all over the place…

add in political and economic uncertainty

coupled with the fact that barcelona lost to bayern munich 4-0 the first leg – and 3-0 the second leg of the UEFA Champtions League… and life just doesn’t make sense anymore!

i just feel that the world seems to get more and more chaotic…

has it always been this way or have i just been more aware of the news?

its a really sad state of affairs and i really do wish that life was easier on a lot of people..

i wish we had more peace (as cliche as it sounds), mutual respect, and desire to help others succeed as opposed to pure selfishness…

tomorrow when i wake up.. i want to hear something good happening in the world.. i really do…



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