change: blackberry to samsung s4

9 Jun


as i converted to the Samsung S4… my best friend wrote on my facebook wall:

“RIM is now crying as they have lost their last loyal customer”

i am no longer a Blackberry girl (regardless of my love for the fruit ;p)

i am a converted Samsung chica..

how do i feel?

instantly more hip and cool – not having to carry around my chunky (it wasn’t that chunky) blackerry.. and having a nice new sleek phone..

additionally – all the cool features and apps mean that i never have a minute to be bored! its an always on kinda phone – my kinda person ;)

i also am now able to join the world of instagram – which has been all the rage since about a year now ;p u know what they say – better late than never..

i find the touch scree typing to be a bit of a mission – and battery life won’t last me a whole day – that’s for sure (esp as i turn of all LED notifications and keep looking into my phone to see if i have some notifications…

however, i shall conquer all! (with a lot of help from Moody who I have been harassing at random moments of the day ;p)

finally! i no longer use the blackberry! ;p

people will stop making fun of me ;p

samsung – i love u! ;p


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