Event: Honda Exclusive Launch

11 Jun


As a celebration of Alghanim being the owners of the brand Honda in Kuwait, we were invited to the exclusive launch event on Sunday at the Ice Skating Rink. The event was invitations only and we were lucky to attend.

The event had a whole schedule of many shows presnted by Talal AlYaqoub and someone that i dont know. It started with a Kuwaiti clutural band, followed by a show for Asimo the robot which is a first timer in Kuwait.

Asimo the robot is a very smart robot that is designed by Honda over the years, it’s not the first but the latest of its generation (new one coming next year). You would be surprised how smooth the movements and how smart this robot can be! It would be hard to describe it to you and it was even harder to take a video of the whole thing, but here’s something that I found on the internet that can give you an idea:

After Asimo, there was a drummers show (which happen to be really good) and another show (that we barely saw anything from due to the bad seating and everyone holding their cameras in the air) and a laser show.

Last but not least, what everyone was waiting for, Hussain Al Jasmi came in and performed a very nice an hour and a half concert. I’m not really a big fan, but it enjoyed the live music until people started getting up and leaving in the middle of it, which I thought was kinda rude, but whatever, it was a great one :)

Overall, the event was really good, we had a good time, we wish the seating was more comfortable and the air conditioning was better, but that’s not the point! The point is that we want to congratulate Honda on this awesome event and for a great start! Oh and I won an iPad too! :D Check the video on our channel:

Thanks Honda Kuwait! You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. A video of Hussain Al Jasmi will be uploaded later.


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