monday morning wake up call

17 Jun


yes ;p

i’m a day late..

but today.. i’m going to pour my thoughts here..

the wake up call is: put yourself first! always – i don’t mean selfishly and not care about the effect it has on anyone else..

but actually – not get wrapped up in emotional moments.. and give more to someone that just keeps taking…

if you know what i mean?

as i get older and wiser ;p i feel there’s a lot of times that we kind of forget ourselves.. and get caught up in trying to please people.. and in turn make ourselves unhappier…

now.. if you care about someone… friends, family, significant other… learn to put yourself a teeny bit higher.. do what you want.. what makes u happy.. atleast a few times a week… something that is just for u… (unless is is hurts someone else in the process)

what i want to do this week:

sign up for scuba diving and book a nice holiday for october!

what are you going to do for yourself this week :)

fall apart


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