don’t trust those that are rude to service staff?

19 Jun

woman waves away tray of chocolates

i think we have all been a little guilty of impatience towards service staff…

however, i know people that talk to them constantly like they are stupid or incompetent… which is a bit aggravating because people believe they are right in their treatment…

i came across an article yesterday – have a read :) even though written in the UK – I believe it is highly relevant to Dubai, Kuwait, and the region as a whole!

I remember my grandmother telling me that if I were ever to marry, I should make sure he was kind. But she might just as well have said: “Find yourself a man who’s nice to waiters.” The way people treat restaurant staff is, I think, a kind of poker tell, revealing a person’s character in as long as it takes to say: “I’ll have the sea bass.” A man (or woman) who is actively unpleasant to waiters is best avoided. Ditto those who patronise them. Just as bad, though, are people who treat waiters as though they’re invisible. This is not, as these cretins seem to think, a sign of metropolitan sophistication. Do this, and you might as well be wearing a T-shirt that says: “I’m an over-privileged baboon: cold, ruthless, rude and rather stupid.”

Is rudeness in restaurants on the rise? It feels like it to me. Several times in recent weeks, I’ve watched, appalled, as someone on a nearby table has harangued their waitress beyond the point of reason. On one occasion, in a restaurant I love, I came close to intervening. Why is it happening? I’m not sure. On one level, it’s connected to the disappearance of manners in general, a loss of grace that I connect to the rise of the smartphone. But perhaps, too, people feel, in recessionary times, able to demand more. Their conviction that the restaurant needs them more than they need the restaurant gives them licence to bully.

I am not rude to waiting staff. Quite the opposite. I begin by being ingratiating, inserting the word “possibly” – as in, “could I possibly have some water?” – into every sentence, and then, bit by bit, I crank it up until appreciation oozes, brie-like, from every pore. On hearing the day’s specials, for instance, I smile and nod maniacally, a look of wonderment spreading across my features as if I’ve lucked out merely to be listening to such poetic descriptions. Should I then fail to choose one of these specials, I’m careful to sound a touch embarrassed, and when my order arrives, I try to look pleased, yet not too pleased. “You were right,” says my chastened expression. And so it goes on. I overpraise. I overtip. I am just so bloody grateful.

I like to think I’d behave like this even if I’d been born into great wealth, a houseful of servants to iron my pyjamas. But it probably has as much to do with having worked as a waitress myself as with manners. When I see someone in a white apron, leaning heavily on a bar, I can’t help but wonder about their shift. When did it begin, and when will it end? I think about their feet, too. Do they ache? I worry about their tips, which may be snatched by some higher authority, and about their boss, who might be decent, but might also be a tyrant, and stingy with late-night taxis home.

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2 Responses to “don’t trust those that are rude to service staff?”

  1. TheDoGooderMama June 19, 2013 at 7:30 pm #

    I have often thought that all people should have to work as a restaurant server for one week of their life. To walk in one’s shoes to to truly understand.


    • Cheeky June 24, 2013 at 8:39 am #

      i agree!
      i would love to be a waitress.. just for the experience and to learn a bit more patience..
      call centres must get it worse!


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