wayans bros in dubai

23 Jun


i had no idea who the wayan bros were until this weekend!!

never seen white chicks, not many of their other movies such as haunted house…

but i was taken along to the comedy show without a choice ;p

it was held at the Dubai World Trade Center – and the organisation wasn’t amazing! and it was wayyyy tooo cold! i think i froze in there!

so what i liked: the guy that introduced the Wayan Bros – he was hilarious! he was from Haiti and there was a running joke throughout the introductions – he was super cool…

Marlon Wayans also made a comment about everytime he meets “fans” they ask him to tell them a joke.. and he says… how can you go up to someone and ask them to perform their occupation.. for example.. would you go up to Mohammad Ali and say.. knock me out bro.. come on.. knock me out! and then he goes.. would you go upto Kim Kardashian.. and ask her to……… *long pause*

I cracked up like a hyena on crack! it was hilarioussss!!!!!!!!

would i watch the Wayan Bros again? who knows – but it was a nice and different way to spend Friday evening…

like they say.. laughter is good for the soul ;p



3 Responses to “wayans bros in dubai”

  1. Moody June 23, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

    Are you serious?? you should ALWAYS go to these comedy shows, those guys are really good, it can never be that bad :)


    • Cheeky June 24, 2013 at 8:39 am #

      fine little miss moody!
      i shall ;p



  1. Marlon Wayans Take on Dubai Tour « 360Dewan - June 26, 2013

    […] Kimmel interviewed Marlon Wayans where he talked about his recent experience in Dubai. I think he exaggerated about the scene over there to make it funny he made it like going to Saudi […]


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