The Mystery Behind the 3 in 1

13 Jul


A year ago like today I started working in a new place, it was a very exciting time for me, and it is still! and since I moved, a lot of things changed too, including my coffee. In the new place (well it’s not new anymore) everyone make their own coffee, and to do so, I thought this would be the easiest solution at that time, the 3 in 1 Nescafe.

After a month, I started having a weird allergy, coughing in certain times, mostly when am in the office, and it comes back again at night. It was very annoying at times that it would stop me from sleeping. I laid down all the possibilities, I thought maybe its the new place, or maybe its seasonal allergy, or even it could be Messi at that time (I still miss him dearly btw). Anyway, I started noticing more details, cleaned my office, my room, everything that could cause anything, still nothing changed.

So my last solution was to go see a doctor. unfortunately they all said the same thing, allergy and smoking is not helping (put in mind that I don’t smoke a lot) and started giving me heavy medication, and god knows what allergy pills do to me!! After 3 weeks of taking my medication, I kinda gave up, it was too much and am sick and tired of it, so I stopped.

Until one day, I thought to myself, could it be the coffee? I started googling that and couldn’t come up with something solid. So I had to test it myself, and I did. Every morning i drink my packed coffee…in 15 minutes I would start coughing! and not any kind of coffee..its just the freaking 3 in 1 nescafe and any other packed kind. I’m good with turkish, late, american, anything else is just fine, except for that shit!

It may seem impossible to believe, even doctors couldn’t really agree with me that this coffee could cause allergy, but it did!! and since i stopped, am all good!! Its been a couple of months now, and I just thought of sharing this with you, maybe one of you guys is facing the same problem!


One Response to “The Mystery Behind the 3 in 1”

  1. Cheeky July 13, 2013 at 4:13 pm #

    wow how odd!!!
    it may not be the coffee but the coffee mate that they use?
    they have a lot of stabilisers that sometimes don’t agree with people…
    try it out by using coffee mate with other coffee and see what the effects are
    glad u feeling better now bella ;*


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