tuesday morning run in with cops

31 Jul


so today..

i was driving along the streets of dubai – happily to work.. well as happy as one can be..

not speeding.. not being all over the place.. none of that stuff…

and suddenly there’s a cop car behind me – i ignore it and on one of the roads i move to the side – looking for parking – and he stops right behind me – its a two way street so i start to u-turn and he honks at me! aren’t the supposed to have those lights at the top of their car go off if they want someone to stop?

so i stop – put my car in park – and the police man comes out and asks me how old i am – and asks me for my license and car registration…

he then hands them back to me and walks off!

i have been pulled over by traffic police several times in the past in kuwait and dubai:

for going wrong way in a parking – all this sort of stuff!

for talking on the phone when i’d forgotten my phone in the car!

for not wearing my seatbelt when i was actually wearing it!

for speeding! ;p

but all that still was understandable..

i still have no idea what i was pulled over for today!!!!

lol it was amusing none the less! oh well!!!

happy day to all! police, traffic police and speeders all included ;p


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