Review: The Last of Us

2 Aug


It has been less than a month when I bought the game and I finally have finished it! It’s not that the game is long or very difficult, it’s just that I didn’t have enough time though the game is very addictive and if you are a freak you could finish it in 3 days.

The game is all about a disease that has spread which obviously caused people to become more like zombies (they call them clickers in the game). So the first thing that comes to your mind is it just like resident evil? well…yes and no. The concept could be the same, but there is no comparison whatsoever when it comes to the game itself.

Like all new games these days, graphics play a big role, and almost half of the game is a movie like clips, which I love. As for the story itself, its cool, not too complicated, can be emotional, and very well done.

I definitely enjoyed playing the game, I got stuck in a place towards the end, but other than that, the game is smooth and not too difficult if you play it in the normal mode. Now that am done, I cant wait to try out the online gaming. Oh, one last thing, whoever told me that the game is freaky, so scary, you will probably shit your pants kinda thing, one word for you, sissy!

Rating: 9/10



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