sticks and stones

5 Sep


hi you guys!!!

sorry for the delayed post! I have been travelling from the beginning of the week..

and now just completed 2 days at my new job..

the people seem so friendly which is nice!

in addition – we get:

breakfast every Thursday

frappuccinos and coffees served to us! (thank you kooky!!) – amazing coffee from a nespresso machine

parking (one week every 2-3 months (hey! its something)) ;p

I dunno what else yet – but in my last two days I have already saved money! ;p

its nice that they do quite a bit for the people here – the computers are nicer… the office is smaller

I sit with some lovely people… one of the girls keeps singing the sticks and stones may break my bones song – hence the title ;p

all I hope now is that I settle in very soon and measure up to expectations! ;p

wish me luuucckkkk :D



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