if i could have one wish

2 Oct


i would ask for a million more…

i don’t know what it is..

is it indecisiveness or greed that gives human an insatiable hunger of desire…

if i had to make a list right now of everything i wanted in life – in terms of a desires to achieve or ‘be’… my list be pretty damn long!

do we need to learn to be more satisfied with what we have, or should we aspire to higher standards – does one demotivate us while the other gives us room for growth?

there are many schools of thought on this..

some believe that smaller, achievable goals are the key to success

while others say that if your goals are even higher than what you really want to achieve – you will achieve better results…

life sometimes seems so very bizarre – so many people – so many brains – and so many differing views…

my thoughts? i’m just going to read my october horoscope! and keep reminding myself that life is a journey.. there may not be a right path – but there’s sure is a hell of a ride on the way ;p


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