for the love of football

3 Oct

Heading in: Cesc Fabregas (floored) connected with Alexis Sanchez's cross to loop his effort beyond Fraser Forster

with the world cup coming up in a few months – the football fever has been gripping us all…

well… most of us anyway ;p

the sport of football, is a truly captivating game (again, for some of us – notice how it went from most to some ;p) but to read about football – now that isn’t always so pleasant…

it is really hard to capture the flair of the game in text… however, one sports writer.. has me smiling at the screen the whole time… i go through all his articles about games and read them – written wittily, highly engaging, and just, well, entertaining…

Stephen McGowan – writes for the Daily Mail (Online edition atleast) :)

he truly captures the drama – read below and here:

Pantomime villain Neymar has last laugh as Fabregas makes 10-man Bhoys pay

At the end of a fraught night, Neil Lennon fixed an icy gaze on an irate member of the Spanish media. Barcelona’s football is a thing of beauty, a joy to behold. But Celtic’s love affair with the artisans of the Nou Camp had just suffered its first domestic. The first major fall-out.

It took 58 minutes and ended in quite a ruck. Scott Brown, the Celtic captain, was sent off following a moment of folly. His dismissal owed much to the histrionics of Neymar, the £49million summer signing, who showed that even Barcelona have their ugly side.

Reflecting the view of 60,000  supporters, Lennon suggested Neymar had made the most of Brown’s ‘tap’, a needless, outstretched fly-kick. ‘If you want to call it that,’ said Celtic’s manager.


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