The Day I Lost My Phone

5 Oct


Its been almost 2 weeks since I came back from my trip to the states (which was amazing), where everything went smoothly, everything was organized, I got the chance to do what I wanted to do, and thank god no one got sick!!! UNTILLLL…

Well, I left the states to catch my plane back to Kuwait from New york. The flight was early in the morning so we had to checkout around 5AM. I made sure I left nothing in the room, got in the taxi, got to the airport, checked in and went into security, and then find out that I don’t have my phone on me!!!!

I FREAKED OUT! I never lose or forget things! and if I do, it happens for a second before I realize that I don’t have it on me. I was very tired that day, didn’t get enough sleep at all, and then this happens!! I started running around, the security were very helpful though, they tried calling the number and all, and I was sure by then that it somehow slipped inside the taxi.

It took me half an hour of making phone calls till I spoke to the driver himself and made sure he has returned the phone to the hotel. Thats when I started to feel better. The moment I came back to Kuwait, I spoke to the hotel and managed the whole shipping thing and that was it!

Even though this wasnt a very pleasant thing to happen to me, but it made me realize how would this have been if it happened in another country! Not to sound pessimistic, but I don’t think I would have had my phone back.

I’m just happy that I have my phone back, now I can happily change to Samsung S4 :D

One Response to “The Day I Lost My Phone”

  1. Cheeky October 6, 2013 at 8:05 am #

    you are glad you got your phone back so you can channgeeeeee it ;p


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