my little pony :D

31 Oct


this has been one hell of a long week!!!

early morning.. i’m sitting at my desk, tapping away.. my fingernails painted a deep burgundy colour – always nicer to work when your nails are painted – sorry guys – i’m sure you don’t know how that feels.. but trust us on this one ;p

i love that it’s a long weekend.. in dubai.. we almost didn’t get the holiday.. so now that we did! it’s a flipping relief ;p

i hope next week is a good one! :D

when i was young.. i think i was pretty obsessed with the show my little pony, it was such a carefree time back then.. fighting with siblings over the tv… silly little arguments with friends… playing.. swimming… going to work and doing the “homework” we had.. i have no memory of any homework till i reached like.. 9th grade ;p (i did live a bit in lalaland).. guitar classes (all 3 of em).. swimming lessons to teach me how to dive (and ending up falling off and injuring myself).. tennis lessons – to learn how to hit the ball backhand…

what untroubled times they were for us… as adults.. i think part of the issues are.. well… that we have to grow up.. and the other part is that we forget to be a little carefree…

so this weekend… i’m gonna skip down the street… take my niece down to play in the fountain – and jump around myself too!! and just… not care what people think!!!! ;p

who’s in????????




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