Review: The New Chevrolet Cruze

23 Nov

As you may already know, me and Cheeky love cars! we both love to drive and speed, and we are sorry that you may think all girls can’t drive, but we do! AlGhanim automotive were nice enough to offer us the newly face lifted Chevrolet Cruze to try out on the weekend. I wont be going through a lot of details, just because it’s considered a small car, but ill make sure to point out the main options.

The Chevrolet Cruze has definitely changed a lot! maybe not so much from the outside, but definitely from the inside. The tiny Chevrolet Cruze is not so tiny anymore when its loaded with accessories. The 1.8 L 4 cylinders is still not that much, but having a 6 speed manual transmission makes it much better. Driving it was very smooth, doesn’t give me the power that i need, but smooth enough.

Exterior: Didnt enjoy it very much, still has the old look of a small car! Though I have seen one in the showroom with a customized kit that looked absolutely awesome.

Interior: Loved it! It’s still a small car, but the seats are very comfortable, the dashboard is very smooth and elegant. It comes with a push startup button, bluetooth, display screen, back camera, USB/aux input, roof top.

Price: The full option model would cost around 5400KD.

Final thoughts: it’s definitely a good car compared to other cars of the same level and prices.

For more information, follow AlGhanim automotive on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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