Hard Work Pays Off…Finally!!

20 Dec



If you are a regular reader around here, you would know how busy my life and cheeky’s can be. A year and a half ago my life has changed to the better when it comes to work, I keep thanking god for the opportunity that I have, but I believe it happened because I worked hard for it, and never gave up on myself.

The past 2 months were extra hectic at work, we had a very important thing that everyone was so consumed with, even though I was bothered with some things but at the same time I was loving every second of it. With every day passing by and coming closer to the deadline, things got extremely hectic and crazy around work. I never though a day would come where I get called up to work at 8PM and had to stay till 1AM, but I did it because I believed in it, and it the end it was worth it.

I’m not sure about you, but im a success junkie, I love getting things right, I love working hard for something I believe in, and im a natural competitor. achieving something always gives me a great feeling that I cannot really describe. I was raised this way, and I will make sure my kids follow the same path too.

I just hope this message will reach those people who are suffering, who feels that nothing good is coming their way, or their work is not paying off. Trust me, it will happen, you just have to keep doing what you are doing, always try to improve, and NEVER GIVE UP! I know sometimes its too frustrating it feels that nothing good is coming out of it, but it will, it might take some time, but eventually…it will.

And the best thing out of this is…I get this Saturday off…WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO :D

Have a great weekend everyone :**



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