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Guess Who’s Back?!

29 Jul



Its been almost 2 and a half years (if I’m not mistaken) when Cheeky moved to Dubai and settled there where she continued her career. Things havent been very nice since then, cuz she would be visiting once every 3 months for 3-5 days and we barely get to see her. But this all is about to change cuz SHES COMING BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKK :D

YES! I’m very excited to have her back in Kuwait, back on the blog, and back where she belongs :D I’m sure she will tell you how she feels about it when she does, untill then, lets partaaaaaaaaaayyy :D


Eid Mubarak عـيـدكـم مـبـارك

27 Jul


Eid Mubarak to all of our friends followers from yours turley Moody & Cheeky

Trailer: 50 Shades of Grey

25 Jul

Well…its no surprise everyone will be talking about this till Valentine’s day since everyone was so crazy about the books. I honestly read the first one, half of the second and then lost interest. Watching movies is always more interesting to me, so I will be looking forward this one.

I can’t say I’m happy with the cast, I donno I just don’t see them as the right people for the characters, but I guess will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts?


2 Dec

UAE’s National Day, celebrated from 2nd December, marks the UAE’s formal nationalisation from the British Protectorate Treaties and resulted in the federal unification of the seven emirates in 1971 which combined to form the modern-day country.

Exciting stuff right!!!

I am stuck in the office because we were given yesterday off instead of today! :( while some people have both days!

next year i hope we get both days ;p

Review: The New Chevrolet Cruze

23 Nov

As you may already know, me and Cheeky love cars! we both love to drive and speed, and we are sorry that you may think all girls can’t drive, but we do! AlGhanim automotive were nice enough to offer us the newly face lifted Chevrolet Cruze to try out on the weekend. I wont be going through a lot of details, just because it’s considered a small car, but ill make sure to point out the main options.

The Chevrolet Cruze has definitely changed a lot! maybe not so much from the outside, but definitely from the inside. The tiny Chevrolet Cruze is not so tiny anymore when its loaded with accessories. The 1.8 L 4 cylinders is still not that much, but having a 6 speed manual transmission makes it much better. Driving it was very smooth, doesn’t give me the power that i need, but smooth enough.

Exterior: Didnt enjoy it very much, still has the old look of a small car! Though I have seen one in the showroom with a customized kit that looked absolutely awesome.

Interior: Loved it! It’s still a small car, but the seats are very comfortable, the dashboard is very smooth and elegant. It comes with a push startup button, bluetooth, display screen, back camera, USB/aux input, roof top.

Price: The full option model would cost around 5400KD.

Final thoughts: it’s definitely a good car compared to other cars of the same level and prices.

For more information, follow AlGhanim automotive on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


17 Nov


Wohoooooooooo…its cheeky’s birthday agaaaaaaaiinnnnnn…..yaaaaaaaay :DDD I get excited over my friends birthdays I dunno why, until they start bullshiting on how unimportant it is, HEY!! TAKE THE WISH AND SHUTUP!

Anyway, its cheeky’s birthday and I embarrassed myself again :( if you havent noticed (which is good) I have been making a fool out of myself the past 2 years (I got cheeky to blame since she moved to Dubai and forgot about us) by wishing her a happy birthday on the wrong day!!! well guess what, i did it again…but a day earlier :(

I just wanna wish her a very happy birthday even if she doesn’t like it much. I wish she was here so we can celebrate it like we are supposed to, but I’m happy enough that she will be visiting soon :) Happy birthday Cheeky, I miss you so much, miss the old day and our stupid things that we used to share and do, ill always remember them!

Oh, one last thing before I go…











I love you too :P

Call of Duty: Ghosts

2 Nov


Yes I’m not that young, yes I still play video games, yes I am a girl, and yes I can’t wait for the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Do you have that soldier in you?

PS: Xcite is having an event for the release of the game on the 4th at Safat Al Ghanim, the game will be available on the 5th.

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