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Eid Mubarak عـيـدكـم مـبـارك

27 Jul


Eid Mubarak to all of our friends followers from yours turley Moody & Cheeky


listen up single ladies!

5 Feb

hey all you single ladies (i’m included don’t ya worry) ;p

now i find everything retro super cool… like super super cool!!!

i came across a really funny post which made me laugh out loud…

so check out the pics below – some funny tips ;)

1381 2200 3169 4139


Read more here


17 Nov


Wohoooooooooo…its cheeky’s birthday agaaaaaaaiinnnnnn…..yaaaaaaaay :DDD I get excited over my friends birthdays I dunno why, until they start bullshiting on how unimportant it is, HEY!! TAKE THE WISH AND SHUTUP!

Anyway, its cheeky’s birthday and I embarrassed myself again :( if you havent noticed (which is good) I have been making a fool out of myself the past 2 years (I got cheeky to blame since she moved to Dubai and forgot about us) by wishing her a happy birthday on the wrong day!!! well guess what, i did it again…but a day earlier :(

I just wanna wish her a very happy birthday even if she doesn’t like it much. I wish she was here so we can celebrate it like we are supposed to, but I’m happy enough that she will be visiting soon :) Happy birthday Cheeky, I miss you so much, miss the old day and our stupid things that we used to share and do, ill always remember them!

Oh, one last thing before I go…











I love you too :P

Funny “Gravity” Inspired Thriller

16 Nov


If you have been to IKEA and have watched Gravity, then you will like the video! Enjoy :)

TV: Orange is the New Black

21 Oct


A week ago I heard about a new show that’s aired on Netflix called Orange is the New Black, it sounded interesting so I downloaded the whole season and started watching it. It’s all about prison drama, but not just any drama, female prison drama!

The show is fresh and new and based on a true story, it reminded me so much of Prison Break, but with a fun and comedic side, more drama than action, and it’s definitely not about “how to escape prison”. I gotta warn you though, it has some sexual content.

There isn’t much to say actually, you gotta give it a try and let me know what you think. I personally can’t wait for the second season to be out in 2014. Here is the trailer:


sunday morning wake up call

13 Oct

i love this sunday!

becauuuseee :D monday – i took off – and tues, wed and thursday are off for us at our job!!!


happy days!


Hot Music: AWOLNATION – Sail

4 Oct


I have been listening to this song for 2 weeks now and I’m in love with it. I kinda heard it during my trip and that’s why it got stuck with me! This video is not the official video of Sail, however, it has way more hits than the original one and it kinda got me to laugh, so I thought I would share this one instead. Enjoy :)

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