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Rush – quite possibly one of the best movies ever

10 Sep

i know this movie is now kind of old – but Rush is the kind of movie that seems to touch my heart and soul every time i watch it! and i watch it a lot! a lot a lot!

a lot of people think this is just a movie about formula 1 – to a certain extent it is – it is a movie about James Hunt and Niki Lauda, and their famous rivalry on the race track! but it is a movie that is much more than that, it is a movie about passion… about following and living your dreams!

there are a couple of movies every year that leave you with a lasting impression, perhaps a sniffle, a tear and quite possibly the churning of the wheels in our heads – they provoke thought and they inspire!

this is it! Rush is a primary example of what



Review: Applebee’s New Menu

28 Feb

Applebee’s has introduced us to their new menu which is full of some really delicious food and some healthy options. Me (Kuwait) and Cheeky (Dubai) passed by Applebee’s to check it out.

Starting off with the Applebee’s Sampler (you must have appetizers at Applebee’s, it’s just a must!), our choices were on the Boneless Chicken, Twisted Pretzels, Mozzarella Sticks, and the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. It’s a great dish for sharing, and I would have the artichoke dip over and over again, just watch out when its hot!

For the salad, we had our choice of California Shrimp Salad, its good, but i would order it with less sauce next time.



Next, we digged into some serious business, which was the Ribeye Steak with mushroom sauce, mashed potato and steamed veggies. I must warn you, this was a delicious and a heavy dish, if you weren’t that hungry, you wont be able to enjoy it as much! The steak was cooked perfectly, however, I would try something with less fat next time.

As for the second dish, it was the Cheeseburger Sliders. They were good, some extras are recommended.



Overall, our experience was great, it’s always good to go back and have some comfort food with all these busy days with work and

stuff. Too bad we couldn’t have desert after all of this, but our love will always be for the Maple Butter Blondie…HEAVEN!

Thank you Applebee’s for having us!


Theres an exciting offer that is valid across all outlets in Kuwait on all days for dining in as well as takeaway and delivery. Applebee’s realizes that sharing is fun and has selected a superb range of products to mix and match as you please at just KD 10 for two people. Diners can choose from a variety of delicious options such as:


  1. Spinach & Artichoke Dip
  2. Caesar Salad
  3. Mozzarella Sticks
  4. Fried Calamari
  5. Chips & Dip

A choice of 2 Entrees

  1. Three Cheese Chicken Penne
  2. Zesty Roma Chicken & Shrimp
  3. Roasted Garlic Sirloin (U550)
  4. Savory Chicken Portobello
  5. Santa Fe Chicken
  6. Steakhouse Classic with Applebee’s Signature Sauce

Review: The New Chevrolet Cruze

23 Nov

As you may already know, me and Cheeky love cars! we both love to drive and speed, and we are sorry that you may think all girls can’t drive, but we do! AlGhanim automotive were nice enough to offer us the newly face lifted Chevrolet Cruze to try out on the weekend. I wont be going through a lot of details, just because it’s considered a small car, but ill make sure to point out the main options.

The Chevrolet Cruze has definitely changed a lot! maybe not so much from the outside, but definitely from the inside. The tiny Chevrolet Cruze is not so tiny anymore when its loaded with accessories. The 1.8 L 4 cylinders is still not that much, but having a 6 speed manual transmission makes it much better. Driving it was very smooth, doesn’t give me the power that i need, but smooth enough.

Exterior: Didnt enjoy it very much, still has the old look of a small car! Though I have seen one in the showroom with a customized kit that looked absolutely awesome.

Interior: Loved it! It’s still a small car, but the seats are very comfortable, the dashboard is very smooth and elegant. It comes with a push startup button, bluetooth, display screen, back camera, USB/aux input, roof top.

Price: The full option model would cost around 5400KD.

Final thoughts: it’s definitely a good car compared to other cars of the same level and prices.

For more information, follow AlGhanim automotive on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What Happened to British Airways?

22 Oct


5 Years ago when I first visited the states, I went through London so it was only natural that I book through british airways since I was planning on staying a couple of days there. British Airways always had a good reputation for the service, and it was true, I really had a good trip at that time, but not this time.

Since I was going to san francisco, the options are a bit limited as I don’t want to have a lot of transits here and there, It was either the United Airlines, Emirates, or British Airways I guess, so I went for the last just because I was happy with it…5 years ago!!

To my surprise, the seats felt smaller this time (no i did not gain any weight :P), it wasnt as comfortable, and you get to feel that everything is old, the plane is old, the crew are old, and obviously the entertainment is old too! Everything seemed to be more limited.

Not only that, but the fact that you have to stop through London and get to be searched a lot and everything has to go though the security check more than once is just plain stupid. I have traveled to so many places and never got searched this much!!!

Too bad British Airways is definitely not on my list anymore, I used to really like it. On the other hand, people kept telling me how United Airlines is bad, flight from San Francisco to New York was through United and I absolutely loved it! Next time I’m trying them.


Review: The Last of Us

2 Aug


It has been less than a month when I bought the game and I finally have finished it! It’s not that the game is long or very difficult, it’s just that I didn’t have enough time though the game is very addictive and if you are a freak you could finish it in 3 days.

The game is all about a disease that has spread which obviously caused people to become more like zombies (they call them clickers in the game). So the first thing that comes to your mind is it just like resident evil? well…yes and no. The concept could be the same, but there is no comparison whatsoever when it comes to the game itself.

Like all new games these days, graphics play a big role, and almost half of the game is a movie like clips, which I love. As for the story itself, its cool, not too complicated, can be emotional, and very well done.

I definitely enjoyed playing the game, I got stuck in a place towards the end, but other than that, the game is smooth and not too difficult if you play it in the normal mode. Now that am done, I cant wait to try out the online gaming. Oh, one last thing, whoever told me that the game is freaky, so scary, you will probably shit your pants kinda thing, one word for you, sissy!

Rating: 9/10


TV: Sex & the City

23 Jun


I have been very much into series lately, and I have NEVER thought that I would say this, but this show is actually really good! I have heard so many about it for the last decade till I was like “I need to know whats this whole fuss about”, so I got all the seasons and started watching them back to back. It took me a month many to finish them and I was sad too! Its soo funny, interesting and entertaining. What do you think about it?

What I was surprised about also are the movies! I didn’t expect them to be good actually, but I really enjoyed them too, I would probably watch them again.

So why I never thought I would like the show? well..simply because of Sarah Jessica Parker (a.k.a horse face). I never liked her, her acting or anything about her. I was shocked when I first saw her in season one (she looked very young…and…OK), comparing to how she looks in her latest movies! I also became to like her through the seasons, which shocked me even more, but she’s good!

Who would be my favourite character, well, I guess everyone would say this..SAMANTHA! she is absolutely hilarious. Whose yours?

Well..I think i had to let this out. Now next on the watch list is Game of Thrones and perhaps scandal.


Review: Bice

10 Jun


We were invited last week to try out the new summer menu for Bice which is an Italian restaurant located in AlHamra Luxury Center.  We were warmly welcomed by the management and taken to be seated. It was our first time to try this place and we didn’t regret it :)

The atmosphere is elegant but cozy at the same time. To our luck, live music was playing and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. But the moment the food got there, we sure did forget about the music :P

You will  have to excuse me if I couldn’t remember the names of those dishes, but ill try my best, if you are really interested, feel free to steal the picture :P

For the starters, we have ordered the crab cake, which apparently tasted really good, even if am not a big fan of crab cakes! Caesar salad and Scallops salad. Along with the starters, we had tried some cocktails, both were really good.

As for the main courses, we went for the ravioli and the Rib Eye. Both were very delicious, specially the Rib Eye which was cooked perfectly just like how I ordered it. Highly recommended.

Overall, it was very delicious, relaxing and very welcoming. If you havent been there yet, make sure you visit soon. Soon we will be trying out Bice Mare, which is the seafood branch of Bice opening soon in Marina Waves.

Thank you Bice for inviting us and the yummy food :)

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