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Travel: Off to Malaysia

2 Aug


I was planning to go to the states again this summer, but unfortunately my plans had to change cuz it simply didn’t work out. fortunately, my and my friends came up with a backup plan and this plan was Malaysia.

 Traveling to east Asia was never in my plans, simply because I knew there were many other places that I would rather visit, so I never really looked into it that much except of what people used to tell me about it. 90% of why we chose Malaysia was because for visa issues and availability, but after searching through it and planning everything, now im sure 90% of this plan is something I want, need and looking forward to.

I’m gonna be gone for 10 days, where I will be visiting Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and spending 2 nights in Genting. I have no expectations except for what I have read and saw in pictures, but I would love it if you have any recommendations for me, whether for food, places to visit and things to buy.

As some of you already know that I do have a thing for airplanes and crashes. It’s a thing I have developed over the years, but it never really stopped me from flying anywhere I wanted. It’s just that recently more than 4 plane crashed somewhere or got missing, and non of them makes sense to me, which is kinda scary and makes me not look forward to it. I will be traveling on the Srilankan airlines, so fingers crossed.


song of the week: summertime sadness

8 Oct

lana del ray..
a woman of old age glamour….

for me… the glamour resonates in her music

what do you think?

The Day I Lost My Phone

5 Oct


Its been almost 2 weeks since I came back from my trip to the states (which was amazing), where everything went smoothly, everything was organized, I got the chance to do what I wanted to do, and thank god no one got sick!!! UNTILLLL…

Well, I left the states to catch my plane back to Kuwait from New york. The flight was early in the morning so we had to checkout around 5AM. I made sure I left nothing in the room, got in the taxi, got to the airport, checked in and went into security, and then find out that I don’t have my phone on me!!!!

I FREAKED OUT! I never lose or forget things! and if I do, it happens for a second before I realize that I don’t have it on me. I was very tired that day, didn’t get enough sleep at all, and then this happens!! I started running around, the security were very helpful though, they tried calling the number and all, and I was sure by then that it somehow slipped inside the taxi.

It took me half an hour of making phone calls till I spoke to the driver himself and made sure he has returned the phone to the hotel. Thats when I started to feel better. The moment I came back to Kuwait, I spoke to the hotel and managed the whole shipping thing and that was it!

Even though this wasnt a very pleasant thing to happen to me, but it made me realize how would this have been if it happened in another country! Not to sound pessimistic, but I don’t think I would have had my phone back.

I’m just happy that I have my phone back, now I can happily change to Samsung S4 :D

MOOOODYYY! where are youuu???

27 Aug

Chicane Come Back

Moody has left me!

no no.. not permanently… just for a short, short time! well three weeks!!!

she’s gone on a holiday! and even though we don’t live together – its nice to feel like she’s around!!! i miss her!

well let’s all hope she has a blast on her journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and brings back loadsa stories to tell us! ;p

can’t wait till she’s backkkk :D


thank you taxi man

24 Jul


on sunday – i had a nightmare of a day!

its was beyond horrendous! and when i explain the story – i don’t think works can explain how i felt and it may seem like i am some sort of drama queen!

some of you may know – well probably only Moody – that i had a minor car accident a few weeks back – despite the minor-ness of the accident – i had a broken mirror that needed to be fixed…

and along with insurance and all the drama – fixing the car took a few weeks and i was left carless..

so when the garage finally dropped the car off to me – they barely had any petrol in it… i had about 12km range left – and the nearest petrol station was a bit far.. i was at work but the parking situation under my work is so horrendous that I couldn’t find anywhere to park and decided to drive off on a hunt for a petrol pump…

so i drive to a newer area for me because i am told that there is a petrol pump there.. and i can see the signs for it – but somehow i can’t seem to get to it – everytime i try a cop sends me in another direction..

i finally end up parking my car outside the police station near the imaginary petrol pump – start bawling (as in crying like a baby) – i was just so frustrated – i had 2 km range.. and i had no idea what to do.. it was soo hot that i was sweating buckets within my first 2 minutes in the heat

luckily i found a taxi – who took me to a petrol pump… really helped me out with everything… was super duper nice.. filled the petrol in my car… all while giving me a pep talk and getting rid of all the annoying people we met…

he treated me like a daughter.. and really helped me calm down and relax.. and i would just like to say a big thank you to him… it helped me realise that there are so many good people in the world – and i hope i encounter many of them because you always end up learning a little something…

thank you mr. taxi man

Review: Jumeirah Messilah Beach

22 May


Yesterday we were invited to have alook inside the new Jumeirah Messilah Beach. Everyone was eager to see what we have been long waiting for to open, and now it’s here, and it’s really something! Too bad Cheeky wasn’t here (she left 2 days back to Dubai) though she would have liked the tour :)

I was greeted by the generous team of Jumeirah who took us around the place. Everyone was nice and sweet, so before I go on, just wanted to say thank you!

The tour included the following: Lobby, Executive Rooms, Residential Apartments, Wedding and events ballrooms, Bridal Suite, Restaurants, and the amazing pool and beach. It will take me forever to tell you details about what I have seen, and am not sure it would be easy to describe to begin with, but I will be letting you know my opinion in general, and you can see all the pictures below.

Overall Look & Feel:

Exotic! This is the feeling that i got from the whole place (excluding the rooms). The whole atmosphere, luxurious space, big pieces of artistic statues everywhere, ceiling and floors, all gave me that kind of feeling.

Rooms and Suites:

Just like any other 5 stars hotel, you expect something and that’s what you get, nothing more, nothing less. However, I haven’t stayed in the hotel and got to experience it, so it maybe different once you live in it, but from what I have seen, nothing caught my attention except probably the extra space. The only thing that I really liked was the front door camera, where you get to see whose knocking at your door through your tv, that’s cool :P

Wedding and Events ballrooms:

These were definitely spacious, crazy spacious! Amazing ceiling, decoration details and with a private door leading towards it, so if you have an event, you wouldn’t have to walk through the lobby to reach it. A cool idea is that they have a bridal suite (only for the bride) to celebrate with her family and friends before the wedding. Big spacious suite with one bed only :P so you party and leave :P I loved the idea, however it felt really big but not cozy at all!


It would be difficult to judge based on walking through them only! but I liked the atmosphere of each, different styles and felt unique. Will definitely visit again and give some of them a try.

The Pool & Beach Area:

Now this is where ALL the luxury is! Amazing decoration, huge pools, kids area, humongous fish statue in the middle with a fountain, bar inside the pool, i mean what can I say, I absolutely loved it, will be definitely visiting VERY soon and get to experience it. We had dinner outside (though the weather was bad) but it was kinda worth it.

My thoughts? I HAVE to visit again, maybe spend a weekend to really get the experience of this great place. Thanks again for the invite guys, keep up the good work :)

Contest: MINI & RedBull

27 Sep

MINI & Redbull are joining together this year in the Redbull Flugtag yearly event. Not only that, but MINI is giving away cool gifts for 3 winners! all you have to do is take a picture of design one that include MINI & Redbull together and Email it to:


Pictures will be uploaded on their Facebook page and the top 3 pictures with most LIKES will win.


All 3 winners will recieve 2 VIP tickets for Redbull Flugtag event this year which will happen on October 19, 2012.

The first winner will also recieve MINI travel  bag (Its VERY cool, trust me :D)


The competition starts TODAY and ends on 6 of October. Voting will start on the 7th till 14 of October.

Heres a sample of what you can post:

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