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Eid Mubarak عـيـدكـم مـبـارك

27 Jul


Eid Mubarak to all of our friends followers from yours turley Moody & Cheeky


kenafa in dubai?

23 May


i have a confession – i love kenafa! i dreamed about it last night (which was highly disturbing)..

for me… the perfect kenafa is crunchy on the top (so not too much syrup) and cheesy and gooey underneath…

the play on textures is what i love most – with the subtle taste of crushed pistachios and rose water.. for me.. this is the ultimate dessert!!!!

in kuwait! i have a few places i go for my kenafa fix! but in dubai.. i have yet to find the perfect kenafa fit for me…

so please – can any one let me know where to get great kenafa/kanafa/kunafa in dubaiii????



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