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Song of the Week: Sia – Elastic Heart

28 Jul

New: 3D Painting Pen

29 Mar


I just saw this video and all I can think of is WOW! This is just genius and very cool. How cool is it to actually draw in 3D? yes I never even thought it possible, even if I don’t know how to draw much, but I want one..NOW!


Picture of the Week: The Eye of the Drain

10 Jan


Music Piracy

24 Aug

We all know what is music piracy and how it would affect the singers that we love, but we never really thought of how important it is to those artists who passed away. I came across this campaign which shows how these artists were “killed” due to the piracy of their art. This campaign includes many artists such as Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley and more. Check out the Video up there for a quick explanation of what is the campaign about and below some pictures.

Kinda gets you thinking..

Picture of the Week: Paint War

31 May

Picture taken of a street paint war in Berlin

Paris: Louvre Museum

17 Aug

Louvre museum is one of the must visit places in Paris and considered the most visited one in the world. I have been to museums before but surely not like this one, my first reaction was “ITS HUGE!”, once you get inside, its like a maze, a very artistic one though.

The Louvre is originally was a fortress that was built in the late 12th century and started extending by time and actually there’s a section inside the museum just to show you how it started and how is it right now. What amazed me was the whole structure, it’s just very hard to believe that all this art was made long LONG time ago, the details are just fascinating.

Once you are in, you have many sections to choose from, you might get lost if you are looking for something specific, but it’s definitely was fun. The place was kinda busy, there was a long line at the gate, but within 15 minutes we were in. I tried to see everything i could put my eyes on, you will walk walk and walk, but don’t worry there are many places to rest and have some snacks.

All I can say is that am very much into arts, but if you really into paintings, you will definitely spend a whole day inside the Louvre admiring all the paintings and how amazing they look. Ofcourse most of the people were looking for the famous Monalisa..and i was kinda disappointed to find a small painting between huge ones and i just didn’t get the feeling of wowness!

Anyway, ill leave you with more pictures now, enjoy :)

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