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Song of the Week: The Weeknd – Often

26 Aug


I have been into The Weeknd so much lately, im liking their style, music, and i cant deny the lyrics too :P Their remixes are amazing, have you heard Beyonce’s remix here?


Beyoncé – End Of Time

17 Jul

i’ve never heard this song before – i don’t know how old it is! but i just fell in love with it..

this is the first time in a while that i really liked any of Beyoncé’s songs a lot…

part of this song not my style.. but i really do like it

what do you think?

Beyonce – 1+1

3 Sep

I didn’t like a lot of songs of her new album (someone might kill me if they read this) but this one caught my attention. It’s so not my style and too slow for me, but there’s just something about it.

Enjoy it people :)

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