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Eid Mubarak عـيـدكـم مـبـارك

27 Jul


Eid Mubarak to all of our friends followers from yours turley Moody & Cheeky


MOOOODYYY! where are youuu???

27 Aug

Chicane Come Back

Moody has left me!

no no.. not permanently… just for a short, short time! well three weeks!!!

she’s gone on a holiday! and even though we don’t live together – its nice to feel like she’s around!!! i miss her!

well let’s all hope she has a blast on her journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and brings back loadsa stories to tell us! ;p

can’t wait till she’s backkkk :D


long time no see

7 Apr


it has been a long time since i have posted..

it has been for a mixture of reasons… work has been so hectic and so has life..

so i have not had a chance to sit down properly and write..

also, i find that i don’t know what blog audiences want to hear about anymore… so its a guess job – and often turns into me writing down my thoughts and music preferences – and i am not sure if anyone is interested…

however, this blog is sort of a release from work, everyday life

i kind of like that not many of my friends are aware this is mine and Moody’s blog – its the perfect place to kind of be anonymous.. pour my thoughts and frustrations out.. and carry on with the day like nothing ever happened…

i missed u blog and blog friends <3


Moody N Cheeky on the NEWSSSS

11 Jul

well its great waking up one day – getting to work – and having somebody yell out that you’re a celebrity!!!!

and that is exactly what happened today!!! Check us out on Emirates 24/7

below are two clippings of the story – Moody N Cheeky, Expat and the City, and 248am Blogs were all mentioned :D

this feels good! thanks all you guys for your constant support!

Blog Feature: Pink Girl Q8

18 Jan

Its been a really long time that we havent updated our favourite bloggers list, it’s not that we are very picky or we don’t think there’s someone who would fit in that list, it’s actually the opposite, but we have been busy with so many things and we apologize, we carry great respect to all of our fellow bloggers and we care about how present their image the right way.

The new blogger that we are adding to our list is the sweet Pink Girl :) she started awhile back but we never really had the chance to meet in person untill recently. As most of you may know, she’s such a sweet heart with a kind heart, she’s very active, very passionate and always make sure to be present at any event :) Her blog is almost about everything, but what I have noticed is that her focus is mostly on restaurants (lots of yummy reviews), salons and beauty centers (so you would know where to go on your next event), fashion, and she definitely encourages lots and lots of small businesses which is great.

What I like mostly about her blog is that she make sure to take lots of pictures, and I don’t mean repetitive ones like some other bloggers do, which can be very hard for me to read her blog at work as it can get stuck and not load cuz we have some stupid PCs at work hehe.

We are very happy to have you on our list Pink Girl, we respect you, appreciate your work and simply support you :)

Follow her on Twitter , YouTube or contact her directly HERE.

One of those Days: Not Myself

8 Dec

I have been a bit away from the blog and twitter for a while now, not that am loosing interest or anything like that, it’s just so many things been on my mind lately and things that needs planning and lots of worrying to do! so I felt like I couldn’t just sit and be here. You might ask what is it that’s keeping me away, well its hard to say now, it’s just something that’s important to me and am trying to focus on, and no am not getting married :P

On the other hand, i just wanted to say how nice it was to have Cheeky back in Kuwait, its true that it was only for 3 days but it was cool :) we all miss having her around her, I believe she should get back and live her!! what do you think?

The weather? khalas now no one should complain anymore, you wanted winter and so far we have been experience the best winter weather anyone could possibly want, cold and sunny! that’s just perfect! though I would be happy with less cold and more rain, but this is fine :D

I was glad that November is over and now it feels like December is running away from us! don’t get me wrong I like this feeling, but am not very sure how its gonna be to start a new year! 2011 was very eventful but I wouldn’t call it a happy year, am hoping 2012 would bring everyone happiness and peace, any new years resolutions? any plans for new years eve?


Congratulations His & Hers :D

12 Sep

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely couple His & Hers for their first baby!! After a long wait, they were blessed with a baby boy who they named “Mishari” , but just to let you know we are calling him His Junior from now on :P

We were happy to hear the news and we wish them happiness and health.

A small message to Her: God bless you and the baby, only women like you would know how much it cost to have a baby. And a small message to His: Prepare yourself for a lot of sleepless nights, baby vomit and changing diapers, just sayin :P

Note: I just found out that this pic was made by Jacqui, so gotta give her some credit, its cute :D


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