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Guess Who’s Back?!

29 Jul



Its been almost 2 and a half years (if I’m not mistaken) when Cheeky moved to Dubai and settled there where she continued her career. Things havent been very nice since then, cuz she would be visiting once every 3 months for 3-5 days and we barely get to see her. But this all is about to change cuz SHES COMING BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKK :D

YES! I’m very excited to have her back in Kuwait, back on the blog, and back where she belongs :D I’m sure she will tell you how she feels about it when she does, untill then, lets partaaaaaaaaaayyy :D



17 Nov


Wohoooooooooo…its cheeky’s birthday agaaaaaaaiinnnnnn…..yaaaaaaaay :DDD I get excited over my friends birthdays I dunno why, until they start bullshiting on how unimportant it is, HEY!! TAKE THE WISH AND SHUTUP!

Anyway, its cheeky’s birthday and I embarrassed myself again :( if you havent noticed (which is good) I have been making a fool out of myself the past 2 years (I got cheeky to blame since she moved to Dubai and forgot about us) by wishing her a happy birthday on the wrong day!!! well guess what, i did it again…but a day earlier :(

I just wanna wish her a very happy birthday even if she doesn’t like it much. I wish she was here so we can celebrate it like we are supposed to, but I’m happy enough that she will be visiting soon :) Happy birthday Cheeky, I miss you so much, miss the old day and our stupid things that we used to share and do, ill always remember them!

Oh, one last thing before I go…











I love you too :P

One of those Days: The Past & The Present

30 Jan


It’s weird how people complain whenever they have something that’s bothering them, and once its over, they stop appreciating how good it feels not having that thing that gives them a headache. Sadly, I can be one of those people sometimes, but it hits me every now and then and I start appreciating more. But you know, it bugs me how I don’t talk about it enough or acknowledge it anymore. This is way am writing this post, to show my appreciation in something that used to bug the hell out of me, which is all you know by now…WORK!

This whole blog started because me and Cheeky were bitching the whole time about work, and it was definitely a great get away for both of us, it made us laugh and be more connected, It was Cheeky’s idea and ill always love her for that..and many other things :P

When i look back and remember how awful I used to feel about my job, how much I used to hate my boss, how bad no one gave a shit, and how much I felt unappreciated! I used to talk to my best friends about it and complain and complain. I used to do everything I could possibly do to improve the situation, but every time I get pushed away and back to point zero. Life felt so unfair at that time, and it hurt my feelings a lot, it made me feel angry towards some people, feelings that I have never felt before, except for those people.

But right now, I don’t complain about work at all, because simply I don’t have anything to complain about! Al7amdilla my boss is awesome, work is not too crazy but definitely way more enjoyable. I feel comfortable around people and happy in my office. and best of all, I feel appreciated, and that what matters.

I can’t deny the fact that I miss my buddies at my old job, they were the best people to talk to even when you are all bitching about work, cuz we all knew how bad it was. I also miss the gossiping and the rumors that people used to pass around. I didn’t get to make good friends at my new job yet, but ill always remember my old buddies :D

That’s it, I just felt like letting this out, in a way or another to show how much I appreciate the opportunity that I got and everything that I have now. If you are going through what I went through, ill tell you this “good things happen to those who wait”, my best friend used to tell me this and I kept laughing about it until it did happen. Just don’t give up!

Old Post: To Cheeky With Love

15 May

This is dedicated to Cheeky, just remembered this and thought of reminding you :P Read the post HERE.

Its Our Second Anniversary :D

9 Mar

Today marks our second anniversary of blogging :) We are very happy that we came this long way and just to make it clear, we aren’t thinking of quitting anytime soon :P

Its been 2 years since me and Cheeky used to sit on the stairs of our working place and complain about work and our horrible bosses, and suddenly the idea of making a blog hit us and got us excited to start away with it. So basically its been two years since we made a silly decision that turned out to be one of our best decisions ever :D

Our journey started very exciting, having a place to vent all our emotions out at and not to really care was amazing! before we know it, a lot of readers started leaving comments and started making new friends. We were liking it.

A year passed by and we were having lots of mixed feeling about the blog. We were making new friends (readers and fellow bloggers) but we don’t really know them! companies were communicating with us and we were a bit confused and unexperienced in this field. But that didn’t stop us from taking a step forward, after all, we started this thing for fun, so we might as well enjoy it as much as we can :)

Our second year was very different, we finally got to meet most of our fellow bloggers in person, we got to talk to them and share ideas and thoughts. We got a lot of invitations to a lot of places, some were pointless and using us as a marketing tool all the way, and some were some of the best events ever! eitherways, we definitely enjoyed it, but sadly Cheeky was always out-of-town so never got the chance to attend any.

This year had a lot of ups and downs, and still I personally don’t feel very settled, but lets hope that would change sometime soon, and I promise ill be more active around here :)

And to end this, a few thank you :)

To start off with Cheeky, my friend, my crazy loopy friend, and my partner in crime. I love you :)

A big thank you goes out to all our blogging friends (not to mention names and forget any) you have been a major support to us. Thank you to all of our readers (the anonymous and the ones we know) you guys are the reason why we are here. Thank you to all the companies who invited us to their events and were interested to get to know us more and have a good relationship.

If you have any suggestions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, complains, ANYTHING you wanna say to us, please do! we would be happy to hear them out and work on making them happen :)

Moody ‘N Cheeky on Jazeera Airways Inflight Magazine

22 Feb

A month ago we were contacted by Jazeera Airways agency that are in charge of their Inflight Magazine as they picked us to be part of their “I Heart Kuwait” series that was published this month as part of the National & Liberation day celebration. We were asked to pick a place that we like to go to in Kuwait and where else would we chose other than the fun and exciting “Shooting Range” :D

It was our first time to be featured in a magazine, and since then people started unexpectedly calling us after they have seen the magazine! Its weird in a way or another but we did enjoy it :) and now we are taking this chance to share it with you, simply because we DO heart Kuwait, we heart our blog and we heart our readers :D

If you are asking why did we chose the shooting range, well if you didn’t go there before they wouldn’t probably know what kind of thrill you are missing! It’s such an amazing place to let off some stress and forget about your hectic day and issues. Holding a real gun is definitely not like how you imagined it would be or as you see it in movies, its heavy and it’s not easy to just aim and shoot (that’s ofourse if you wanna hit the target properly :P).

First time I took Cheeky to this place she didn’t show any excitement, she was complaining that she would probably get a headache even before we enter! However, her face expressions changed 180 degrees after she was done, she was excited, thrilled and wanted to do it again! now that’s more like it ;)

One thing I have noticed every time i go there is that guys SUCK! sorry guys but you do (unless you are an exception :P) I see them leaving the range with their paper that has more than 20 holes and non of them is even close to the 7 circle! seriously guys?

We should set a day where we all bloggers hit the place and start shooting! maybe we can have a competition of the best shooting blogger :P how about that? hit me back with your opinion and maybe we can arrange something.

We would like to thank Jazeera Airways for communicating with us, we appreciate your support :)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone :)

14 Feb

I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person or really makes a difference to me, but its nice to take this chance to express your feelings to your family, friends and loved ones. I really don’t think you should hate all year long and come on this day and start loving! it’s just a day where you should focus on love and forget hate.

Thats being said, I would like to take this chance and start of with saying I love you Cheeky! You have been a good friend, a beautiful cow and a great blog partner :P I love you

I love you also goes out to all our readers, you have been our source of support, whether you comment, you tweet or just read our silly posts, we LOVE you and we appreciate your continuous support.

I love you goes out to our lovely sponsors, thank you for believing in  us :)

We LOVE YOU all ! Share the love! and here’s a special dedication :P

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