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Eid Mubarak عـيـدكـم مـبـارك

27 Jul


Eid Mubarak to all of our friends followers from yours turley Moody & Cheeky



15 Oct

hope you all have a greattt break!!!

forget about your worries and woes and enjoy your weeeekkk <3


Eid Mubarak by OrangeJar (3)

sunday morning wake up call

13 Oct

i love this sunday!

becauuuseee :D monday – i took off – and tues, wed and thursday are off for us at our job!!!


happy days!


monday morning wake up call

12 Aug

back to work :(

hope you all had a great break!!

AND EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


back to work :(

29 Oct

back to work today

the Eid holidays in Dubai are far tooo short :(

eedkom mbarak!

26 Oct


eid mubarak to you and your family – we hope you all enjoy your holidays :)

One of those Days: Back to Normal

22 Aug

As some of you are back to work today (like me or yesterday like Cheeky) am sure you kinda feel what am feeling right now. THANK GOD we are back to normal!! I have been missing this so long and am so happy that its back now. And as some of you are still on holiday, screw you.. we are jealous lol :P

Let me make it clear of how happy I am that Ramadan and Eid are over, because I AM! I know that Ramadan only happen once a year and that we should cherish it no matter what because it all about doing good, but lets face it, that’s not the case around Kuwait. Ramadan is basically about eating, and eating, and eating, then go out for sheesha, drink coffee as much as you can, then go back home and finish the rest of the food before it’s too late. That’s basically it! Am not gonna go into the religious side because that’s something that should be personal to each one of you, and to those who brag about it, I mean come on!?!

Am just glad to have my meals on their time again, to have my morning coffee, to have decent hours at work when you actually can be productive, to have good night sleep, to wake up like normal people do, and actually to have time to socialize.

What did you miss the most ?

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