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Eid Mubarak عـيـدكـم مـبـارك

27 Jul


Eid Mubarak to all of our friends followers from yours turley Moody & Cheeky


Photo of the Week: Friends for Ever

18 Jul


kuwait: top ten things i noticed on my trip

7 Jan

so i was in kuwait a week and a bit ago!!! and i had an amazing time as usual!!!!! i really love my friendssss!!!!!!

but this trip – i noticed a lot of things, relating to just about everything ;p


  1. the new cars are newer ;p but the old cars are pieces of junk!!!! i’ve seen the oldest, crappiest, barely moving cars that i have ever seen in my life!!! at a traffic light – the can was going so slow that the signal was green but it could just have been as easily red! like seriously!!!!!  that’s crazyyy!!!!!! ;p
  2. skirts are getting shorter – not complaining ;p
  3. clothes are getting tighter – on men and women!
  4. malls and restaurants are getting even busier!!!! i didn’t know if this was possible!! but at around 3 pm on a saturday – no parking in marina mall!!! and no seating at chocolate bar at 1 pm on the wednesday!! how the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. very few people have blackberry phones ;p and if they do! they get fun made of (i.e. me) ;p
  6. it has been raining loads – this never used to happen that much before!!!!
  7. all the twelve year olds dress like thy are 25!!!!!!!
  8. there are a lot more activities – including sports and courses! i.e yoga classes at loyac + kwti cooking courses
  9. the thin are getting thinner and the fat are getting fatter!!
  10. friends always stay the same! :D

Review: The Meat Co.

26 Apr

While Cheeky was visiting Kuwait a couple of weeks ago, we decided to have The Meat Co. for lunch with a close friend. It was my first time to try out this place, but remembering my past wonderful experience at Tribes in Dubai, I was kinda excited…and hungry!

My first impression was that the place looked big enough, very well decorated and neat! I opened the menu and started drooling over all the types of meat they had, I honestly was too hungry to decide, so I had to choose something that I already know and can’t go wrong with, which was the mini burgers. Sadly, mine were tasteless and lacking sauce!

On the other hand, Cheeky went for the salad only! Like seriously, who would go to a restaurant that is specialized in MEAT and have only salad? Yep…Cheeky would :P

Our friend was a bit braver than Cheeky and ordered the cheese burger. She said she would give it a 7/10, I think that’s good enough for a cheese burger

As for the appetizer, we shared the prawns, not sure what was the order name, but it was delicious, especially that it was a little bit spicy.


9 Nov

has anyone noticed how the twitter craze has started the whole @somewhere or @someone thing?

so damn annoying ;p i don’t really mind it but i feel like being very negative and aggressive :D aggression is a good look on me ;p (i think ;p)

I really wish i wasn’t at work.. i hate all the people that are off till the end of the weekend! so annoying :( i wish i had another 2 days!!!

the weather is absolutely gorgeous today – it just makes me happy somehow

here are the top ten places i’d rather be than at work:
1) Al fresco coffee shop having a yummy skinny latte – with no foam – extra shot of espresso (in a paper cup please) and a plain croissant (mmmm)
2) cruising/road trip – somewhere far away – with a friend – coffee and my hair blowing in the wind (nibbles too ofcourse)
3) walking on the marina with my beautiful niece
4) picnicking in some park
5) fishing (i went over the eid holidays and it was kinda fun to be honest ;p)
6) on a swing (yes i miss my younger days ;p)
7) skipping down the street – any street (preferably somewhere i won’t get run over
8) prime and toast kuwait (one of the loves of my life)
9) baker and spice dubai (another love of my life)
10) with my best friends – somewhere outdoors – anywhere ;p


croissants and coffee

23 Oct

in dubai the weather is getting so lovely right now! it just seems like such a waste to sit indoors and do nothing!! (when i say do nothing i mean work (not that I’m not working, but the fact that is nothing you’ll feel particularly happy about (unless you have some really cool job)))

every morning as i start making my way to work.. i wish i was actually going to some nice outdoor place – for a large yummy croissant and a nice skinny latte with an extra shot of espresso and no foam please! (now you all know how i like my coffee there are no excuses for why Moody and I don’t have coffee invitations) :p ;p ;p ;p tee hee hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what do you wish for as you drive into work every morning?

its the simple things in life that keep us happiest it seems.

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