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Guess Who’s Back?!

29 Jul



Its been almost 2 and a half years (if I’m not mistaken) when Cheeky moved to Dubai and settled there where she continued her career. Things havent been very nice since then, cuz she would be visiting once every 3 months for 3-5 days and we barely get to see her. But this all is about to change cuz SHES COMING BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKK :D

YES! I’m very excited to have her back in Kuwait, back on the blog, and back where she belongs :D I’m sure she will tell you how she feels about it when she does, untill then, lets partaaaaaaaaaayyy :D


laryngitis who?

8 Jan


so on saturday…

i somehow contracted laryngitis… saturday night was a restless one – extreme difficulty sleeping due to the burning and pain i felt in my throat…

next day i went to the doctor… and he tells me don’t speak… don’t eat spicy foods… rest well… sleep lots…

now if someone knows me… i don’t really shut up (EVER), i looooveee spicy food, i tend to bounce around even when i am sitting… and i don’t sleep much!

well… somehow… i seem to have done all that.. this illness has made me feel so tired and blah…. i wish people would leave me alone and not talk to me.. even with medication i am always in pain…

i just want to crawl into a cave and hibernate for years… move over bear – i join you in your hibernation!

No Place Like Home

31 Jul

Whoever came up with that sentence was absolutely right, there’s definitely no place like HOME.

I’m officially back home, which is Kuwait, I’m very happy to be back to my family, friends, the real home, my room, my bed, my car, my routine, my everything around me, It just feels right. However, I’m feeling a little bit weird, I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but something is making me feel weird and can’t figure it out. I’m guessing it’s me getting back to me routine, or maybe it’s just the weather, whatever it is, i hope it disappears soon.

I have been very quiet around here, abit more active on Twitter, but I promise I’ll get back on my two feet in no time and get these posts rolling, I have so many things to share, but just need to organize my time, I already have a lot to do at work too, so it’s kinda a mess everywhere.

I have been also trying to catch up with everyone, its true i have missed on so many events lately, but I hope Ramadan will be as busy as July and get to see everyone again :)

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